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released February 21, 2013

All music written, performed and recorded by Dan Potter.
*Mixed and mastered by Dan Potter

"Human Error" video:



all rights reserved


Dan Potter Sings Vancouver, British Columbia

Dan Potter Sings is a one-piece alternative/post-rock band based in Vancouver, BC. Since the release of his debut album, Self/Tilted, Dan Potter Sings has been unearthing his sound through experimenting with various influences from the 80s and 90s alternative genres in the process carving out a distinct style that becomes noticeable throughout his body of work. ... more

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Track Name: Human Error
Human shakes head side to side wonders what will come of it now
Headline reads the daily news put a look of surprise on your face
Human cheers the underdog that which he will surely become
Searching for better ways in the lab to prolong this disease

Don’t surprise, me surprised, doesn’t surprise, are we surprised, can’t surprise to be surprised, not surprising it does not surprise me, in any way

Failure not far behind
Something flawed in your design
Down on all fours again
Man or beast no longer can I pretend
Point the blame at human error
Track Name: Motion Capture Device
Black the center in my eye
Watch sunlight fall like rain
Sadness falls hard like rain
This river will run with rage
These clouds they pour with pain
Sky opens up for pain

Suspense pulls me which way under

Compulsive without a care-distant intervention
Designer kids and warfare-pay little attention

Current world affair- ecstatic disrepair
Motion capture device
Under surveillance -trying my patience
A solid block of ice

Like faces of thunder cry
A shadow cast in vain
Cascading through my veins
Death is a coming of age
With nothing left to gain
When there’s nothing left to gain

Fault line mental health, confess to plead myself
Voices in my head and I think I’ve gone insane
Pictures in my mind that reason can’t explain
Inside of my skull I no longer can contain
What bothers me
Things aren’t what they seem paranoia can’t escape
Leaving me this way you can call it a mind rape
Try to cut my throat and I’ll bleed it onto tape
So I can bother you
Track Name: Sleeper Cell
Hey, my heart can do me right in
Don’t hold your breath as I exhale in-inhale out
I twist and turn insecurity tight
Trying to wake in a sleeper cell, in a sleeper cell

A sleeper cell, nothing left multiply
A sleeper cell, I don’t know why
A sleeper cell, enjoy the show
A question no its science fiction

Hey, my wills too soft to accuse
Sick of having to take a piss test state of mind
The exit wound penetration is lost
Trying to wake in a sleeper cell, in a sleeper cell
Track Name: Crossing Bridges
All that I need is all that I had
If all that I had is all that I need
Is all that I need all that I need

Crossing bridges
Soaked from head to toe
Drinking to life
My lungs overflow

All that I need is all that I had
If all that I had is all that I need
All that I know is all that I see
If all that I see is all that I know
All that I know
Track Name: Time Passes By
Send a thank you to everyone
I’ll save it for some other time
Dig the calendar up
I crucified each day
Halos don’t come cheap anymore yeah

Know just what they say
Timing is everything
Feel that I’m living past tense
Know it’s all the same
Sugar and gasoline
Watch as the flame dissolves sweet resolve

Don’t you realize time passes by, time passes by

Got a thank you for everyone
Saving it for some other day
It’s just a waste of time
Reverse amnesia wakes
Personality is inch thick yeah
Track Name: I Like It
Uncertain words convince without a doubt
Unspoken thoughts held up come bleeding out
Uncertain eyes can see so very clear
Unspoken mind will speak you cannot hear

She said
I lost it
She said
I like it
Track Name: Not A Slave 2 What U Want
Careless use of reason
A pathetic state of mind
Six o' clock laughing gas
Happiness is hard to find
Left hand gives right hand takes
What went wrong I can't decide
Didn't we all just commit
Existential suicide

Bleed the sun nocturnal

If there's nothing wrong then tell me what's right
I want more than I can envy
Turn a blind eye toward what's not to see
I'm not a slave to what you want
Track Name: Ain't Right
I was feeling real insecure again
Felt the world could explode
Lay down listen to my favorites
Tears from a sad story

Hear their voice understand the reasons
Everything is okay
It feels good to sing it right out of me
Mutually so I’ll tell you mine

No it ain’t right
No it ain’t right yeah

Changing emotion, to laugh or cry
Living ain’t easy, you do or die

I was feeling real insecure again
Now I’m none to complain
Lay down listen to my favorites
One after the other

No it ain’t right
No it ain’t right yeah
Don’t lose your song
Track Name: Behind A Gun
Behind a gun would be a nice place to start
I have it aimed straight at your heart
For all the awful things that I have been through
All this is nothing so fuck you
Live or die, feel I’m drowning so dry, I can’t wake up

Behind a gun I’ll come back one of these days
When I’ve burnt out my passive ways
It will be too late to take anything back
Judgement is something that you lack
Live or die, feel I’m drowning so dry- Tears make you cry, I’m drowning so dry

There’s too much to know too much to see to be, it don’t make sense to me
With empty hands but I won’t let, I won’t let go
Too much to know too much to see to be, not feeling quite like me
With empty hands but I can’t let, I can’t let go

Behind a gun or is it pointing at me
Being held hostage can’t break free
A life of six and seven’s caught in a rhyme
Do a three-sixty on a dime
Live or die, feel I’m drowning so dry- Tears make you cry, I’m drowning so dry

I can’t let go, I won’t let go, I wanna go, I can’t let go
Track Name: I Salute You
When I was twelve years old I learnt to play guitar
Only had a couple chords this is what they are
Couldn’t wait till after school play along with my CD’s
Knew the words one by one felt they were just like me

What I heard out the stereo
Wax nostalgic can’t let the past grow old

Music salvation, rhythm vacation
Melodies in season, living harmony

Listened to the Seattle scene thought I had Eddie Vedder hair
Cobain’s voice greeted me in the headphones that I wear
Growing up in the nineteen- nineties wasn’t what it’s supposed to be
People with their blue hair were nothing at all like me

That’s okay, yeah that’s alright
I have music no need to pick a fight

I salute you
Yeah I salute you
Track Name: Tomorrow Can't Wait
Try to put my head down my thoughts down to bed but I’m awake
Lay contemplating and debating in spite of some mistake
Under the covers uncover the fears this conscious state
Soon as the lights off turns my mind off to on its getting late

I close my eyes and stare straight at the darkness inside
I fall asleep no decision is left no choice left to decide

So I dreamt that I was dying
On a respirator crying
In my reoccurring nightmare
Cosmopolitan despair
I kept awakening drowsy
On nearly every hour lousy
The morning breaks its silence
Alarm clock sounds like violence
Tomorrow cannot wait
Tomorrow can’t wait